G Finally Attended The Council Of Cerainya Today In Religious Court Of Sout

A long hiatus, the pretty presenter Christy Jusung finally attended the Council of cerainya today in Religious Court of South Jakarta. After living a hearing nor answering all the questions Christy crew media offensive about cost of living he asks to the husband, Jay Alatas some time ago.
But apparently Hengky Kurniawans exwife doesnt want a dime material from Jay, as compensation from the farewell taken. According to Christy, he still was able to finance itself.

Dont want my life is financed. But my lawyer said her husband has no obligation to provide income and other money before the deed of divorce, said Christy, who found time in PA in South Jakarta, Monday, April 21, 2014.
In that interview, Christy also said the issue of infidelity that had many preached on the stroke trial cerainya. For him it was just a mere rumor who wants to overthrow him.
I had heard that Id like to prove the existence of infidelity in my household. I dont ever put the question of infidelity, if he would like having an affair or whatever its up to, he said.
Advanced Assembly slated to be held back two weeks later on May 5, the upcoming 2014 by listening to the witnesses from the Jay.

Rtist Lindsay Lohan After The Testimony Of Dozens Of Men Who Had Dipacarin

Shocking news again came from the controversial artist Lindsay Lohan. After the testimony of dozens of men who had dipacarinya, now Lilo, greeting a close companion, claimed to have recently suffered a miscarriage.

Confessional artist 27 years appears in the last episode of documentary series about her titled Lindsay which aired on Oprah Winfrey Network

no one knew this and we could finish shooting after this, I was having a miscarriage during the two weeks I took the day off, he said trying to hold your sorrow, reported by the

after that it says the story is quite long, as if he didnt want to continue the pathetic story of it, including tell who the father of the children it contains. Lilo said if she was devastated when it should lose the fetus.

could it be the babys father is one of the 36 men who had a list of ditidurinya The previous piece of paper inscribed with 36 Hollywood celebrities ever make love with Lindsay.

They include Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillippe, Evan Peters, Jamie Dornan, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Adam Levine and Garrett Hedlund.

Ung Presenter For Divorce With Jay Alatas Was Held Again In A Religious Cou

Monday, April 21, 2014 advanced trial Christy Jusung presenter for divorce with Jay Alatas was held again in a religious Court of South Jakarta. This time trial scheduled testimony from Christy Jusung.

From three witnesses are presented, all of which have proximity to such celebrities as spouses so that is considered quite know the actual questions sitting.

there are three witnesses, Ms. Jana was still family, Siti was also, if Hamids driver who frequently between mother Christy, said Haryanto, Doddy attorneys Jay Alatas, as found in the PA in South Jakarta.

From witness descriptions above, note that the retaknya problems of the household sat Jusung and Jay due to third parties. Is meant by third party here is the son of Jay Alatas itself.

testimony describing the State of the household was not harmonious. Then that there is a third party, backed by the childrens problems, he said.

did just that, citing chaotic household that celebrity couples as well as Jay has dropped only to Christy Jusung.

Advanced Assembly slated to be held back two weeks later on May 5, the upcoming 2014 by listening to the witnesses from the Jay.

Claimed To Be Shocked By The Traffic Congestion He Always Felt While Unde

Come to Indonesia, artis Hollywood, Sarah Carter, claimed to be shocked by the traffic congestion. He always felt while undergoing her first action movie, filming of the Guardian, in Jakarta.

set off the shooting got bogged down. I honestly enjoy congestion in Jakarta. It made me to fall asleep in the car, he said during a media gathering film the Guardian.

Nevertheless, Sarah could not refuse his word, if he starts to fall in love with Indonesia. Ranging from traditional food, beverage, and entertainment venues in Jakarta became incarannya when after undergoing the filming.

many I meet here and became the reference materials I tell you later on when you get home. The bottom line, happy to be filming and cooperation with Indonesia, many people selorohnya.

the name of Sarah Carter film popular Final Destination 2, Dead or Alive, and The Vow. The Guardian film director Kardit Helfi, have reasons why choose Sarah to act in this film.
other than
qualified acting, Sarah understands about the intent and the like to the films Director communicated in every scene. Hes got a nice acting quality and correlation of every character here is very strong in the script, said Director Helfi Kardit to VIVAlife.

in the meantime, on the other hand, a Zandre Rhinoceros involved directly into the Media Indonesia on Sarah Carter Promo says kepuasannya with the completion of the process of filming
Guardian.According to him, the Guardian movie
will not